FAQ for Band Recordings

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Can we do live drums or are we limited to programmed drums?
Here at Logos Recording Studios we take a lot of pride in our live drum sounds and our beautiful live room. In fact we usually book the night before your big session to get drum sounds so that you can start fresh in the morning when you are on the clock. No paying to get your drum sounds. We give you this setup time as a courtesy to you. When you leave your free Drum setup session, you leave with a cd of the sounds that we recorded so that you can make sure the drums sound exactly the way you envisioned. Take a listen to a sample of a project we recorded that is just drums and bass (basics). Check out how super clean it sounds.

Hear Drum samples Here

So setup time is free?
•Yes, we like to make use of the night before the big session to setup drums and get sounds so that the band can start recording at the drop of the start time the following day. We like to do this because it makes the recording session more about creating music then technicals.

Do you do zero latency HD recording?
Logos Studios is equipped with the highest quality recording gear. We take digital conversion seriously. We use Apogee Symphony conversion and can record at sample rates as high as 192K. Typically we do our tracking at 96k. This is where the Symphony "shines" in our opinion. We use a thunderbolt interface so the latency is non existent. This combination makes for both a beautiful sounding recording as well as a hassle free recording. Helps to keep in our theme of creating a creative environment to get the best of what you do.
Can you record a full band at the same time or do we have to overdub everything?
•Logos studios understands the benefit of a band playing as a band. We absolutely have the room to record a full band in isolation. That is every part at once with very minimal or not at all bleed from the other instruments. All the musicians can be in the same room at the same time. We love to do "basics" this way. That is, the initial recording that focuses on drums and bass, but can have an occasional guitar part that works in the final recording.

How about session musicians? We have a band but just need a professional musician to complete our songs?

•Logos Studios is proud of our relationships with serious session musicians and we can, for an additional charge, complete your band for the sake of your recordings. Our musicians are top quality and have tremendous credits to their names and most importantly they are affordable. The additional fee is their fee, not ours but we can hook you up with them. We also have a highly respected proven Producer at your disposal, should you require one.

How do we signup?
•Well, you can start by giving us a call. 516-694-9472. You can also fill out a contact form and one of our professionals will get back to you. We are eager to bring our high standards and quality to your project.